Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lingoes is a free language translator software. It support many collection of free dictionary and support online translation via google translate, yahoo translate and other online translation resources. Branded dictionaries, thesaurus and encyclopedias are also provided free for download on Lingoes website. You can download Lingoes here

Features :
1. Translation over 80 languages
2. Capture word on screen for direct translation
3. Text to speech support
4. Free dictionaries and encyclopedias (Cambridge, Wordnet, Meriam-Webster, Oxford, etc)
5. Integrated small application (appendices)

Here’s the basic manual for using Lingoes

1. Translating a single word

Just type the text you want to translate on the text area on top of Lingoes window and hit enter.

2. Translating a paragraph

1. Click the Text Translation button on the right panel
2. Type or paste the paragraph you want to translate
3. Choose the translation engine (google, yahoo, etc)
4. Choose the translation direction (English => Japanese)
5. Click Translate

Make sure that you’re connected to the internet for translation to work

3. Capture word on screen

1. Select the word you want to translate
2. Press Ctrl + Right click (default)
3. The translation result then will pop-out on the window

4. Installing new dictionaries

1. Click the guide tab (the second tab on the left side of lingoes)
2. Click dictionaries
3. Click Install From Lingoes or click Install if you already downloaded one
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