Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No$GBA Additional Tools : NOZ

You must be already know about No$GBA, a Nintendo DS emulator for PC. But you may realize that the No$GBA window is relatively small for monitor with large resolution (1027X 768 >>). On the another hand No$GBA provide no window rotation feature that needed for some games. That’s why we need an additional tool for No$GBA.

NOZ is one of No$GBA additional tools that support both zooming features and window rotation. You can download NOZ from the link below. After you downloaded the zip files, extract the content and put it in the No$GBA root folder. Run NOZ.exe and enjoy the show….

Here’s some NOZ capabilities :
1. Refresh rate adjustment (FPS setting)
2. Support window rotation
3. Window Swap (swap between up and bottom window)
4. Window Scaling (scale up and bottom window size)
5. Skinning support (Nintendo DS look on your PC)
6. Screen filter

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Leobreacker said...

Thanks a lot, this will help me with my walk-through's :)

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