Sunday, June 7, 2009

AntiFreeze - Emergency Task Manager

Sometimes you may find that your computer locks up or become not responding. Then you may hit Ctrl + Alt + Del button to bring up Windows Task Manager to end the program that is not responding. Sometimes your computer doesn’t respond to your Ctrl + Alt + Del button so you cannot end the unresponsive program then you desperately press the reset button.

AntiFreeze is an emergency task manager that may help you recover your system from not responding state. It can be used as the last recourse before you decided to press the reset button so you can save your work. To use the AntiFreeze just hit Ctrl+Win+Alt+Home and all of the program that currently running in your computer will be suspended and you can end the unresponsive program and recover your system. AntiFreeze is not guaranteed to work in all condition but it’s a better solution than Windows Task Manager to recover your system.

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