Monday, June 22, 2009

Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal Edition

Returnil Virtual System is a software that be able to protect your computer from unwanted changes e.g. computer virus, Trojan, etc. So it can keep your computer clean and safe from those threats. It’s different from other protection software that need frequent update such as antivirus or antispyware.

Returnil Virtual System is virtualization software that makes a clone of your actual system so when your computer infected by malware, then it will not be able to make change to your actual system because all change that made by malware will be dropped at next system reboot. It means that any changes that made when the protection is activated including software installation and documents will be removed directly after system reboot. But you can make a virtual partition for saving your work when the protection is activated or you can use another partition for saving your work. There is an exception when you’re going to install software to the system, you have to disable the protection first before you can install.

Returnil Virtual Partition

The protection status in your computer is shown by an icon in system tray or on desktop. The icon will turn green when the protection is deactivated and it will turn red when the protection is activated.

Protection Status

Returnil Virtual System can be equipped with password so program setting will be safe from unwanted changes.

Password Menu

Returnil Virtual System is not a replacement of your protection softwate e.g. antivirus, antispyware but it can be a complement for your computer protection.

Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal Edition

Features :
• Eliminates consequences of on-line attacks
• Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, Spyware, and unwanted content disappear with a simple reboot
• Enforces settings and protects your user’s internet privacy
• Helps reduce overall disk wear by using memory rather than HDD cloning technology
• Saves you time, money, and lost hair by maintaining or improving peak client performance
• Reduces or eliminates the need for routine disk de-fragmentation of your system partition
• Your spam filter is strong, but not infallible – Returnil will eliminate the consequences from users opening infected e-mail and/or attachments
• Leaves absolutely no traces of computer activities – for those who maintain computer labs or Internet cafes, Returnil is the tool that will get you home early for a change!
• Eliminates all activities even if your computer is powered-off or crashes
• Eliminates the danger of evaluating new software that does not require a reboot to install
• Offers stronger, simpler and smarter protection for your network clients
• Speeds up your web surfing and computer processing
• Seamlessly integrates with the Windows core system

Website :
File Size : 2.65 MB
Price : Freeware
OS : Windows

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